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The installation was framed in the project Kijk op de wijk – 16 artist were invited to make art-installations in the homes of the inhabitants in Lombok (Utrecht, NL). These works were showed through the windows of the inhabitants. Lombok is known as an multicultural neighbourhood. With the eye on.. consist of showing an indoor situation through in public. The inhabitants an their eat-culture is the principle of this installation. By showing only a part of their privatlife (in this case the top of the cooker), the rest was left on the imagination, like: who are these people, which colour and what nationality do they have.
An observationcamera was placed in the kitchen obove the cooker and registered al the actions that took place on that small space. On the window was installed an tv-monitor whiched showed what the camera observed. Passangers could see the cooking-hapening through the outside of the window. The commuter passer could follow the daily cost and mealtime of the inhabitants of the place.